Meet the Team


The currently elected Executive Committee

Mr. Rod Pearson

Mr. David Hunt
Deputy Chairman

Mr. Mel Carritt

Mrs. Clare Bury

Mr. Khalid Abdullaziz
Liason Member

Mr. Faisel Al Bahraini
House & Maintenance Member

Mr. Norman Watson

Mr. Roland Cronshaw
Entertainment Member


The management team is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Club subject to certain restrictions and financial constraints imposed by the Executive Committee.

Stephen Chartres
General Manager

Bilal Ul Haq
Finance & HR Manager

Jassim Al Asfoor
Head of Security

Joseph Marshall
Sales and Marketing Manager

Farrah Gamboa
Food and Beverage Manager

Hussain Abhaal Albosta
Stables Manager

Ameer Mirza
Stables Manager

This Committee is responsible for:

  1. Drawing up the framework for the Club’s overall policy.

  2. Deciding over the plans and programmes for accomplishing Club aims.

  3. Laying down the Club’s Bye-laws in accordance with its Constitution.

  4. Reviewing any Members suggestions and taking proper action on them.

  5. Preparing the Club’s annual budget and financial statements.

  6. Preparing the Club’s annual report to Members.

  7. Forming the necessary sub-committees in order to achieve Club aims.

  8. Preparing and distributing circulars and other information for realizing Club aims.

  9. Ensuring the performance by individual Executive Committee members of their duties and obligations.

  10. Ensuring the implementation of the Club Bye-laws in conformity with the constitution.

The Executive Committee shall consist of eight members to be elected by the General Assembly from its members.

The Executive Committee shall regularly meet once in every month.

Members of the Executive Committee carry out the following duties:


  • Represents the Club to all third parties.

  • Chairs the Executive Committee and General Assembly meetings.

  • Jointly signs meeting minutes.

  • Jointly signs cheques, payment vouchers and financial documents.

  • Supervises all Club activities.

  • Decides on urgent matters which may not be delayed.

Deputy Chairman

  • Has all the Chairman’s powers when absent.

  • Jointly signs cheque payments.

  • Signs financial and other documents as approved by the Executive Committee.


  • Prepares the agendas for the meetings of the Executive Committee and General Assembly.

  • Jointly signs meeting minutes.

  • Supervises and carries out all clerical duties related to the smooth operation of the Executive Committee i.e. keeps documents, prepares correspondence.


  • Manages the Club’s funds.

  • Maintains financial records of revenue and expenditure.

  • Jointly signs cheque payments.

  • Prepares a monthly report to the Executive Committee regarding the Club’s financial position.

Sports Member

  • Oversees all sports sections activities.

  • Attends all sports section meetings.

  • Conveys Executive Committee decisions regarding sports sections, to those sections.

Entertainment Member

  • Promotes the arrangement of entertainment for members (in liaison with Club Management).

  • Ensures the suitability of such entertainment.

  • Ensures the proper running of such entertainment.

House & Maintenance Member

  • Ensures the standard of maintenance of Club premises and all related fixtures and fittings are always in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Executive Committee.

Liaison Member

  • Liaises with local government departments as authorized by the Executive Committee.

  • Advises on local matters.

  • Has to be of Bahraini nationality.