Entertainmentat the Dilmun Club

What good’s a Club without entertainment? No good! That’s why we aim to have as much entertainment on at the Club as possible.

Along with our live sports, themed dinners and sporting activities we also have live music every Thursday at the Pool Side and every Friday at the sports bar. We aim to bring new and exciting musicians to the stage each week to keep things interesting and ensure that we deliver a wide range of genre’s to suit all tastes.

WeeklyPool Competition

One of the most popular evenings and sporting events in The Dilmun Club is the Weekly Pool Competition. It’s open to all on the night to try their hand at winning the competition. It’s a process of elimination until the final two battle it out to win.

The Dilmun Club now contains two brand new Riley pool tables to make the experience that much more enjoyable and exciting. One of the pool tables is in the smoking room and the other in the main bar area of Project Sports Bar.

The competition starts at 8pm every Friday.

MonthlyThemed Brunch

A new addition to The Dilmun Club’s entertainment is the Monthly Themed Brunches. These consist of the typical brunch offering in terms of food and beverages, however, we bring along an A-Class act to keep you entertained throughout your brunch. Often starting off quieter whilst you enjoy your food and drinks, and then amping things up towards the end when everybody is ready to party!

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